About Sean Glover

Sean studied art at Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida.

From a young age he was interested in illustration. His passion for art landed him several jobs before branching out to open Glover Studios. He worked in the art departments of Riverbanks Zoo in South Carolina, the South Carolina Educational Television, and Studio Displays in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Sean enjoys painting portraits of both people and animals. He is inspired by the works of Renaissance artist, Caravaggio, as well as many others. Sean hosted figure drawing groups in the Charlotte area, where he had the pleasure of meeting many talented artists.  

Our History

Established over 30 years ago

Glover Studios was established over 30 years ago in the Charlotte area of North Carolina. It began as a business providing decorative finishes, commissioned paintings, and murals.

Over the years it has evolved and moved headquarters to Mocksville, North Carolina. After the passing of partner and brother, Patrick Glover, Sean Glover is re-establishing Glover Studios as a teaching based and commissioned artworks entity.

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